As a financial, legal or governmental executive, you are faced with a daunting task in today’s world of troubled assets. The legal, regulatory and financial guidelines, combined with the time constraints of processes, compliance and due diligence make resolving issues challenging on a daily basis.

NAI Emory Hill offers a unique, comprehensive approach to the troubled asset, loan restructuring, litigation/foreclosure support and disposition processes. The firm provides a single service source offering consulting, valuation, receivership, leasing, property management, asset management, asset disposition and real estate analysis through our Delaware headquarters and on a global basis through our affiliation with NAI Global.

We have provided services for arbitrations, mediations, commission hearings and state/federal/district and bankruptcy court cases. We have a solid reputation as unbiased experts and are frequently retained during disputes related to value or when expert industry knowledge is needed.

Receivership Services

Dispute analysis occurs at the early stages and throughout an engagement to understand the relevant technical issues and how they relate to the overall dispute. Our experts vet issues with counsel to identify the professional disciplines and expertise, scope of work, and the resources that will be required if it is decided to pursue litigation or alternative dispute resolution.

We have provided support and testimony related to:

  • Shareholder disputes
  • Condemnation hearings
  • Real estate disputes
  • Marital/familial dissolutions
  • Landlord/tenant conflicts
  • Liability issues relating to commerical real estate management

Local Litigation & Troubled Asset Support Solutions

To meet the growing needs of our clientele, NAI Emory Hill’s Property Management  division has formalized its own Real Estate Owned (“REO”) and receivership services.

REO properties are those where the “keys” have been turned over from the borrower to the lender due to the borrower’s inability to meet the obligations of the loan. The lender then employs NAI Emory Hill to manage the asset until it is sold, often after reposition and stabilization. Often NAI Emory Hill’s Brokerage Division  will be the selling and leasing agent working in conjunction with Emory Hill Property Management.

Receivership servicers are related, but more complicated.  With receivership, Emory Hill is court-appointed to act as the de facto owner of distressed assets while lenders and borrowers settle issues or during the foreclosure process. When appointed as receiver, NAI Emory Hill is responsible for operating, preserving and stabilizing the asset through employing the range of services we offer.

“As a thiry-plus-year-old company with formal divisions in each of the aforementioned areas, NAI Emory Hill is uniquely positioned to be a receiver in the mid-Atlantic region,” according to Director of Property Management Clayton Hill.  “Given our in-house ability to provide all of the essential services necessary to stabilize and reposition distressed properties, Emory Hill is a natural choice for clients looking to make the receivership process as seamless as possible, and we have the track record to prove it.

3 Step Process in Addressing Your Asset

Engagement and Analysis
Whether a loan has slipped into default or a property has transferred to our client’s balance sheet, the final step is to initiate an evaluation of a troubled real estate asset. NAI Emory Hill will assist in current situational diagnosis, evaluation of the scope of work needed, establishing goals, setting realistic timelines and planning an optimal exit strategy.

Once the analysis is complete and the property’s initial position established, the Troubled Asset Support Solutions team will work simultaneously on physical and legal issues, mitigating critical risks and reversing the downward income spiral, which is commonplace with distressed assets. As a single solution source, the firm provides all critical capabilities to effectively engage, operate and dispose of a distressed real estate asset.

Strategic Disposition
Once the asset has been stabilized, the Troubled Asset Support Solutions team works to determine an appropriate disposition strategy to yield the highest possible price based on your unique disposition criteria. After appropriate pricing has been established, the Troubled Asset Support Solutions team outlines the most advantageous ‘go to market’ timeframes and determines the appropriate marketing channels to utilize based on your unique guidelines and requirements.