“Let me commend Emory Hill & Company on a job well done.  We had envisioned this to be a project of distinction with core features that address the varying needs of a medical office and I believe we accomplished that…Well built, well done, Emory Hill.”
– George J. Tsavalas regarding Abby Medical Center, constructed by Emory Hill & Co.

Commercial Construction Services

Emory Hill and Company is a full-service construction management firm with the ability to take a job from the planning stages through occupancy. We provide our clients with the best value in the shortest time possible. We have the experience to efficiently manage a single project or complex, multi-site projects.

Our in-house team of construction professionals , onsite management expertise, and flexible delivery methods allow us to fast track projects and meet tight deadlines. Our success is a result of accurate schedules, realistic goals and innovative solutions.The project delivery process of our full range of services is based on the client’s objective. Each service we provide can be customized to meet the specific project requirements.

The earlier our involvement in a project, the more effective we can be at controlling cost, assuring quality, and optimizing the value of the investment . Anyone can claim to provide construction services “on time and on budget.” It’s more than just a promise at Emory Hill. It is a fundamental component of our management process. We strive to consistently deliver an attractive product built with pride.