The design-build approach lets the owner sign a single contract for design, engineering, and construction services . Typically, the design-build company carries the overall responsibility, thus offering owners a single source of accountability. The owner is able to focus on scope definition and timely decision-making, rather than on coordination between the designer and builder .

Design-build is especially suited to time-sensitive projects, and has been a successful option on many of our projects. Our long-term relationships with a number of well-known design and engineering companies make this an efficient alternative to the Design-Bid-Build methodology. Specific benefits of design-build are as follows:

Cost savings – Design and construction personnel  work as a team during the design process under one point of responsibility, evaluating alternative materials and methods efficiently.

Time savings – Because the design process and construction  are overlapped—and bidding periods and redesign time are eliminated—the total time to complete a project is significantly reduced. Design-build is ideal for “fast track” construction. When procurement and construction work begin before the working drawings are fully completed, the resulting time savings translate into lower costs and earlier utilization of the completed facility.

Quality – The Owner’s requirements are documented in performance terms and it is the Design-Builder’s responsibility to produce the expected results. The Design-Builder warrants to the Owner—rather than the Owner warranting to the Contractor—that the design documents are complete.